Open Calls for Publishers, Songwriters and Translators


The procedure is as follows:

Each Publisher project should prepare their project with a total budget of up to €5,000, including:

  • Songwriter fees for days working on the project works (ex. this could be just the translating songwriter or a team consisting of the original writer and multiple translator songwriters)
  • Studio fees (this could be a full songwriting camp scenario or just demo fees for new works created)
  • Travel & accommodation fees (for working meetings between songwriters or to attend the songwriting camp
  • Per diems / meal expenses (for days working on the project)

Once a project is selected by the BELEM Steering Committee Members that make up the Jury, the selected Publishers will:

  • Receive €1,500 initial payment towards the project (no invoice is needed for project payments from the EU) upon signature of the Project Support Agreement
  • Undertake the project and create the new works
  • Provide financial reporting on project execution and demonstrate up to €5,000 expenditures (this is made up of €3,000 of EU in addition to €2,000 of financing from the publisher) according to the proposed project budget
  • Provide technical reporting on how the project was implemented, including delivering new lyrics (with optional demo recordings) and LyricFind timecoding in appropriate formats as per BELEM's instructions, as well as accompanying proof of registration with the Publisher's society of choice

Upon approval of the reporting, the second €1,500 will be paid to the Publisher.

Applications will close on Tuesday, March 12th, 2024.

We look forward to your Project Proposals!


The BELEM Team


Suggestion of Publishers & Writers Involved and Project Description


Open Call for Translators

Max. file size: 128 MB.


Suggestion of Works to be Translated



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