Open Call for European Artists and Labels


Artists and labels are invited to submit applications for the recording and cross-border release of translated works. A total of 20 projects will be selected, with 10 projects awarded in 2024 and 2025, respectively. Once released, all co-produced tracks will be distributed globally, along with their lyrics and translations in different languages.


We encourage the participation of artists and labels with translated works from the first Co-Creation Open Call launch to Publishers, Songwriters and Translators, and welcome all artists and labels that have translated works and now have the opportunity to record.


The procedure is as follows:


Each project application should work with a minimum of 5,000 € budget and will get a lump sum award of 3,000 € towards the project, with the remaining 40% investment made by the Artist or Label.


Each one of the 20 projects selected should work with a total budget of up to €5,000, including:


  • Artist fees for days working on the project (this also includes the recording musicians);
  • Studio fees (this includes studio staff hours);
  • Travel & accommodation fees;
  • Per diems / meal expenses (for days working on the project).


The projects will be selected by a jury composed of AMAEI, RUNDA and IMPALA board members. Successful applicants will:


  • Receive €1,500 initial payment towards the project (no invoice is needed for project payments from the EU) upon signature of the Project Support Agreement;
  • Undertake the project and record the new works;
  • Provide financial reporting on project execution and demonstrate up to €5,000 expenditures (this sum is made up of €3,000 of EU funding in addition to €2,000 of financing from the Artist or Record Label) according to the proposed project budget;
  • Provide technical reporting to AMAEI (Independent Music Trade Association of Portugal) and RUNDA (Independent Trade Association from the Balkans) who will supervise the recording, mixing and mastering of these new European singles.


Applications will close on 10th February 2024.


We look forward to your proposals!


The BELEM Team




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