BELEM Music Alliance

Major music industry forces band together to make lyric translation accessible in European Union languages

BELEM aims to build capacity for music publishers, songwriters, platforms and labels to democratise and monetize access to lyrics. The BELEM coalition strives to break down cultural barriers by making human-translated lyrics accessible to all listeners.

BELEM is an European Union (EU) funded initiative that has been granted €2 million in funding through the Creative Europe Programme (CREA). It will drive new revenue streams to key players in the music industry by promoting European lyrics and the translations of these lyrics, alongside their monetisation.

BELEM include .MUSIC, AMAEI, Bardis, Broma 16, Deezer, Fleepit, Independent Digital, Lusitanian Music Publishing, LyricFind, Mars Music, Metatron, Nord University, RUNDA, Unison Rights and Zebralution.