The BELEM project, Boosting European Lyrics and their Entrepreneurial Monetization, fosters the licensing, aggregation, distribution, exhibition and translation for meaning. It dramatically increases the monetisation of European lyrics and lyric translations. This significantly boosts the sustainability and exportability of European language songs for music publishers and songwriters, (labels and artists) and benefits the audience, leading to increased language diversity and understanding globally, with translated lyrics crossing (and breaking) borders, both in digital and virtual, as well as live, in-concert, formats. The lyrics and lyric translations for meaning will be distributed globally. Virtual and in-person live shows, alongside lyric videos and lyric translation videos, by European artists, will be produced with subtitles, singing in their native languages, or in a mixture of languages. Songs will be able to be understood by audiences in many languages in any country.

The full list of 15 companies participating in the BELEM Project include:

  1. .MUSIC
  2. AMAEI
  3. Bardis
  4. Broma 16
  5. Deezer
  6. Fleepit
  7. Independent Digital
  8. Lusitanian Music Publishing
  9. LyricFind
  10. Mars Music
  11. Metatron
  12. Nord University
  13. RUNDA
  14. Unison Rights
  15. Zebralution