What is BELEM?

BELEM is a European Union (EU) funded initiative that has been granted €2 million in funding through the Creative Europe Programme (CREA). It will drive new revenue streams to key players in the music industry by promoting European lyrics and the translations of these lyrics alongside their monetisation.

BELEM includes: .MUSIC, AMAEI, Bardis, Broma 16, Deezer, Fleepit, Independent Digital, Lusitanian Music Publishing, LyricFind, Mars Music, Metatron, Nord University, RUNDA, Unison Rights and Zebralution.

What is this Open Call?

The BELEM Co-Production call is open under the BELEM project for the recording of translated works of the co-creation work package.

What is the purpose of the Open Call?

The purpose of the Open Call is to assist Artists and Labels by funding 10 projects per year, in 2024 and 2025, for the recording and cross-border release of translated works ensuring the songs are better understood across Europe.

Who can participate in the Open Call?

Artists and Labels.

I am an artist. How do I benefit?

Musicians can be hired and paid to record and/or perform songs in different languages.

I am a label. How do I benefit?

Every time a translated song is recorded and performed, artists – recording artists, songwriters – and labels are increasing their earning potential in another country and another language.  It can potentially lead to new placements and recordings in that language, multiplying international earnings. Artists, labels and producers may share master rights as well, depending on how the recordings were produced and who was involved in their creation.

Furthermore, LyricFind — one of the world’s leading lyrics licensing companies that tracks lyric uses and pays songwriters and rights holders on a song-by-song and territory-by-territory basis — is involved in this project to ensure publishers receive their digital lyric royalties.

The second largest independent music streaming company globally, Deezer, is also part of the BELEM project and will push the songs via its playlists when they are released.

How does the funding work?

Once a project is selected by the BELEM Steering Committee Members, assisted by a third-party jury from AMAEI and RUNDA, successful applicants will:


  • Receive €1,500 initial payment towards the project (no invoice is needed for project payments from the EU) upon signature of the Project Support Agreement;
  • Undertake the project and record the new works
  • Provide financial reporting on project execution and demonstrate up to €5,000 expenditures (this is made up of €3,000 of EU in addition to €2,000 of financing from the Artist or Record Label) according to the proposed project budget
  • Provide technical reporting to AMAEI (Independent Music Trade Association of Portugal) and RUNDA (Independent Trade Association from the Balkans) who will supervise the recording, mixing and mastering of these new European singles.

What do I need to do to apply?

Fill out the form(s) on the page https://belem.music/open-calls/ and propose a project describing the work(s) you want to record and the parties involved.

How does the selection process work?

All submissions meeting the technical eligibility criteria will be submitted to the BELEM Steering Committee, comprised of members of the Co-Production Jury, along with the third-party jury from AMAEI and RUNDA. The committees will carefully examine each submission and provide recommendations for the projects deserving funding. This assessment will consider various factors, including language and regional diversity, to ensure that the available funds are distributed in a geographically equitable manner.

When will I be notified if my project has been successful?

Depending on the number of applications, we expect to notify successful participants under embargo before the public announcement at the Westway LAB Conference in Portugal on April 10-13, 2024.

Can we record existing works from any country or do they have to be from EU Member States?

Works must be from an EU Member state Artist or Label and must be translated to and from a European Language. Please check the list of Creative Europe countries for the full details.

How long will the project take?

Each project should be timelined with a maximum duration from 1 month to 9 months.

How many works can be translated? Can It be a few works?

There is no limit on the number of works that can be translated, the only limiting factor is the budget.

Can songs written by non-EU artists (Americans, Africans etc.) be accepted?

They can be accepted if submitted by European artists or labels. However, the priority language-wise is for the EU and Creative Europe languages spoken in countries participating in the Creative Europe programme.

I regularly write songs which combine several languages. Can I apply here?

Absolutely! Multi-lingual songs are most welcome, as they are able to cross several linguistic borders. It’s even better if you can provide complete translations of full versions of your songs in each language.

How will BELEM and the projects work together?

BELEM will not only oversee the funding for co-production works but will also facilitate the registration of new works and lyrics. Additionally, we will manage the upload of the new works to LyricFind, to enable online lyric monetisation. Furthermore, during this phase, we will also be encouraging the recording of translated works from the last open call.


The projects will need to report to AMAEI and RUNDA on their implementation progress and keep BELEM informed of its outcomes, in the lead-up to the final report for each project’s conclusion.

Who is running the Open Calls?

The BELEM partners leading the Co-Production call are AMAEI (Independent Music Trade Association of Portugal) and RUNDA (Independent Trade Association from the Balkans).